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How It Works…

Building your Bot! Now that you know how to get people INTO Messenger through our 7 Powerful Lead Magnetsit’s time to build your bot with an automated sequence of responses using our AI and keyword technology. You’ll be able to see the flow of the conversation using our Tree View feature.

Knowing what can be sent is a big component of a “successful” Messenger experience and will help ensure the quality and conversion. Let’s go over in this section all the different elements that can be included in a Messenger conversation through bots as well as any restrictions and formats.

Sending Capabilities

Here is where it gets exciting. You can have your Bot reply with a number of actions. We will list them here below!

  • Text, Images, Audio’s, Video’s, Files (pdf’s, etc),

  • Quick Replies, with capture of users Email, Phone Number, and Location

  • Templates: Generic, Button with Text, Carousal, List Template, Media Template

  • Export/Import Bot Template

Bot Dashboard

Our Bot settings dashboard gives you quick access to all the bot functions that you will need to manage for your FB Pages. One interface allows you to manage multiple pages at the same time.

  • Create your bot in minutes

  • Multi-Page Bots (Unlimited for 1 FB Account)

  • Multiple Facebook Accounts (optional)

  • Tree View for Funnel View

  • Error Log to help you see your mistakes

  • Export/Import Bot Templates

Results You Can Depend On

  • Answer FAQ’s: Chatbots can do a lot of things, like answer user’s frequently asked questions, send them to a website, or order page, showcase products with a menu, and handle customer support.
  • Customer Service and Appointment Scheduling: ChatRobot’s Reservation System module (Pro version) is able to do appointment scheduling, reservations, and follow ups. This chatbot training can help you to understand all the ins and outs.

  • Quickly Match Content to Users Intent: Our Bot uses Keyword triggers that you can quickly set up and serve answers to the users intent, including precise keywords of broad keywords.

  • Get Multi-lingual Support: You can set your Bot to be default language or very specific with language processing for 30+ languages.

Text With Button Type’s

Our Button with Text options are as follow:

  • Post-back: This sends an event back to the messenger conversation.
  • Web URL: The URL Button directs the user to an external webpage.
  • Call Us: The call button dials a phone number when tapped.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Quickly set up a STOP Reply BOT button
  • Chat with Human: More on this later down this page.
  • Chat with Robot: More on this later down this page.

Send Quick Reply’s

Quick replies are the most favorite because they are a bit more flexible AND can be used to collect subscriber data from the person going through the bot.

Think of a Quick Reply as a “pre-filled” answer for the user.

  • Create Post-back Quick Reply’s

  • Get User’s Phone Number

  • Get Email Address

  • Get Users Location

  • Download User’s Contact Info (Email, Phone, Location)

Button’s Vs Quick Reply’s

This is VERY important so make sure you let this soak in.

There are really two  types of “actions” in Messenger and they are triggered by two “elements”. These elements are:

  • Buttons
  • Quick Replies

Let’s start with: Buttons.

Buttons can be added to any kind of message and you can have THREE button’s per message. So you might send someone a sequence of messages and all of which may have 3 buttons for each message.

Buttons are great because they can do some things that Quick Replies cannot.

  • Buttons can link to websites, Quick Replies cannot.
  • Buttons can open the users phone, Quick Replies Cannot.
  • Buttons can prompt a user to share the content itʼs attached to, Quick Replies cannot.
  • Buttons are used to link to outside sources, like a website, or to open the user’s phone to make a call.

Quick replies are most peoples favorite because they are a bit more flexible AND can be used to collect subscriber data from the person going through the bot.

Think of a Quick Reply as a “pre-filled” answer for the user. Quick Replies allow you to build the reply and the following message that it would be leading to. This makes building bots MUCH easier.

For instance, let’s say you’re a photographer and you do weddings. You’re bot ask’s: “What is your budget for your wedding?”… the options are: “0-$5k” – “5k-10k”. If someone chooses 0-5k you don’t want them to be able to go back and select a different option the second time to see how you would have responded. If those were buttons, they would be able to do so. For Quick Replies, their options disappear as soon as they make their selection, and they are moved to the next sequence.

Key advantages to buttons are they can link to websites/ open a phone/ and trigger a user to share your content.

Key advantages to quick replies are they can prepopulate contact info, and it mimics a users typing options and is better for sending new messages.

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