Project Description

Drip Campaigns (Scheduled)


How it Works

When it comes to marketing funnels and getting people engaged with your content, nothing works better than ‘Drip’ marketing – sending a series of sequential messages.

  • Uses Bot API, so able to send all features: text, images, videos, carousal template, generic, media template, text with buttons

  • Send 0-30 Days Sequence

  • Customize the Time Interval

  • Drip campaigns for Lead Magnets.

  • Manually assign a drip campaign

  • Full report of message sending

Easy to Use Dashboard

Our Messenger Drip Marketing module allows you set up a sequence of messages, up to 30 days, 1 day at a time, to those who are subscribers. You can custom tailer it to set up a drip campaign for a particular lead magnet. Very powerful. And because it uses the BOT API, you can send text, images, video, text with buttons, generic template, carousal, list template, media template. :)

  • Can set a default campaign for every new subscriber

  • Set up a Customized Campaign for anyone

  • Use Lead Magnet Engagement Tools to integrate

  • Set up as many drip campaigns as you want

  • Customize the time interval when message wil be sent.

Here Are Some Ways To Use Drip Campaigns

Here are some ways where setting up an automated drip campaign could help you get relevant information to targeted subscribers, and convert them into customers. You might want to try a few of them with your users, or perhaps they’ll spark your imagination for other ways you could use drip campaigns for your product or service.

  • Educating About a Product/Service: People have a learning curve, so this will help them

  • Nurturing Leads: Warm them up and build trust

  • Welcoming: Send a series of Welcome messages to showcase yourself/brand.

  • Recommendations: Great for giving your reviews

  • Renewals: Ask people to upgrade or renew their services with you.

  • Confirmations: Send confirmations of transactions

  • Engagement: Build rapport, trust, and and get subscribers interested
  • Courses: A great way to deliver content and courses with links

Drip Campaigns = Results

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