Project Description

Schedule & Multi-Page Poster



When it comes to managing and posting to all of your Facebook pages, we make it easy for you.

  • Plan and Schedule your posts

  • You can create different types of posts: Text, Images, Multi-images, Video

  • Add Youtube URL and it will upload and post as Facebook native video. :)

  • Posts Carousal and Slider Posts

  • Create Call-to-Action posts with +20 CTA button types

  • Post to Multiple Pages with the click of 1 button

  • Repost with time interval feature

  • Add RSS Feed for Autoposting to your pages

Scheduled Posts

Create scheduled comments on your own posts, either a 1 time comment or periodic.

  • Schedule Auto Comments on your own Posts
  • Auto Comments can be One Time or Periodically scheduled
  • Create Unlimited number of Template Comments
  • View Auto Comment Report

Call-to-Action Posts

Chat Robot will auto post “Call-to-Action” to your Facebook pages, with over 20 options to choose from. Perfect for your FB ads.

  • Schedule CTA posts

  • Add links to websites

  • 20+ CTA buttons

  • Multi-Page Posting

  • Auto Comment Reply

Carousal/Slider Posts

Chat Robot support making FB Carousal and Slider posts to your Pages for maximum visability. We personally use this feature all the time.

  • Multi-Page: post to multiple pages with the click of 1 button.
  • Add a Auto Comment to your Post
  • Add Titles, Links, and Images
  • View Full Report

Text/Link/Image/Video Poster

We use this feature all the time. Schedule your posts. Post to multi-pages. Add text, images, video, links….

  • Schedule your posts

  • Choose text posts, images, multi-images, links, videos….

  • Add Youtube URL, and it posts it as native FB video on your page. :)

  • Repost with time interval

RSS Feed Posts

Add any RSS Feed into Chat Robot and it will autopost to your Facebook Pages. This is an excellent way to add content on autopilot.

  • Add any RSS Feed to Auto Post
  • Add as many RSS Feeds as you want.
  • Select any of your Facebook pages to autopost your RSS Feed
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