Project Description

API Integrations

Integrate Over 1500+ of our favorite Apps with Chat Robot + custom Apps

Connect 3rd Party Apps

This is my favorite module. Our JSON API connector sends data you receive inside your Messenger Bot (via Webhook) to 3rp party apps. This feature can be used to connect our system with any third party app like Zapier or your own custom app.

  • Simply add WebhookURL to connect your 3rd Party App to Messenger Bot

  • Intergrates with over 1500+ Zapier Apps

  • Push data (email, phone, location, & post-backs) to your Custom App

  • Add any many Webhooks as you want.

Zapier App’s Integration

Zapier offers over 1500+ apps that can be integrated with Chat Robot. Simply get your Zap App Webhook URL, and insert it into Chat Robot, and it is all set up.

For example: You can send email addresses from Messenger to GetResponse autoresponder, or MailChimp. You can send SMS text messages from Messenger to users’s phone number with Zap’s SMS app. And much, much more…

  • Over 1500+ Apps Available

  • Scheduling Apps, To-Do-List Apps, Customer Support Apps, Email Apps, and more…

  • Easy automation for busy people


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