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Ready to Grow Your List?


7 Powerful Magnets

These Engagement Tools are the mechanisms that make capturing contact information and connecting with prospective customers fast, easy and effective!

  • Checkbox Plugin

  • Send to Messenger Plugin

  • M.Me Link’s

  • Messenger Codes

  • Customer Chat Plugin

  • Auto Comment Reply to Messenger Inbox

  • Click to Messenger Ads

1. Checkbox Plugin

Our Messenger Platform’s Checkbox plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger bot directly into your website. The checkbox plugin subscribes a person to your Messenger bot as part of a form, such as checkout or sign-up.

  • 65 Different Languages

  • Light & Dark Skins

  • Can Choose Small, Medium, Large, XLarge Plugin Size

  • Can Control Text Alignment

  • New Button Color Customization

  • New Button Color Customization

  • Optin Confirm Message

  • Send Private Message on Confirmed OPTIN

  • Auto Subscriber Labeling to Segment List

2. Send to Messenger Plugin

This is similar to the Checkbox plugin, but there is NO checkbox requirement. Visitors simply Click the ‘Send to Messenger’ button to start a conversation, and they are added to your BOT list. Sweet. :)

  • 65 Different Languages
  • 20+ Available CTA Options
  • White and Blue Skins
  • Can Choose Plugin Size
  • OPTIN Confirm Message
  • Send Private Message on Confirm OPTIN
  • Auto Subscriber Labeling

3. M.Me Links

With our platform, you can create customized links (shortened URL service operated by Facebook that redirects users to a person, page, or bot in Messenger) that will direct people to your exact bot and conversation, including being segmented to your correct subscriber list with labels.

  • Embed Code to Add to Websites

  • Customizable buttons and raw link (optional)

  • Assign Labels and Target your Audience

  • OPTIN Confirm Message

  • OPTIN Confirm Message

  • Send Private Message on Confirm OPTIN

M.Me Links Are My Favorite: Here’s Why

M.ME Link – This is exactly as it sounds. A link that you can use to send someone directly into the Messenger platform and with the use of a “ref=“ you can actually send a unique message through unique links.

ChatRobot.Services makes it really easy to make links that will send unique bot experiences. I would consider this the “best” entry point for any business that is online. It directs a user into Messenger immediately upon clicking. This Entry point will ALSO display a “get Started” the first time a user engages with your bot.

AFTER the initial “trip into Messenger”, and once they click the ‘Get Started’ button, or after their first engagement with you in Messenger, the Get Started will not be required anymore and your customized bot messages will just appear if someone clicks your link.

It’s important to remember that because you may make a link, click it, and not see a Get Started message… but your users likely will… so don’t be caught off guard by that.

Now, links are MY favorite because our businesses are primarily online and this is the best way to get someone engaging with you in a full Messenger conversation. It will take someone from an email, Instagram, website, you name it… and push them straight into Messenger where they can engage with you.

We use them for Instagram influencers in their swipe ups, email lists, buttons on our websites, basically anywhere online… this is a huge opportunity to get people to engage with your brand in Messenger and create a subscriber.

A great example of this is in Real Estate. You might have a scan code on a For Sale sign. Prospects scans it and is given the home details. You obviously wouldn’t want this scan code on a website because you’d use an in that case.

4. Messenger Codes

Think of this as a Physical version of an link. It’s basically EXACTLY the same thing… but with one big difference. You wouldn’t put a scan code on a website right? When someone scans a Messenger Scan code they are directed into your bot and will be shown a “Get Started” button… as mentioned before.

  • Get Raw Link or Embed Link
  • Place on Business Cards, Real Estate Signs, Flyers for Promo’s.
  • Embed Button Customization
  • Sends a OPTIN Confirm Message
  • Sends a Private Message on Confirm OPTIN
  • Auto Subscribe Labeling/Segmenting

5. Customer Chat Plugin

THIS IS A GREAT ONE! This basically brings Messenger on to your website. It shows an icon for Messenger on your website, and then you can prompt a message. We love using this on order pages, our main sites, you name it. You are allowed to create a “custom confirm” OPTIN message, as well as send a private message on confirmed OTIN.

  • Embed Code to Add to Websites

  • Customizable Greeting Messages

  • Have Chat Widget Window Open Up Upon Webpage Load..with Delay Options (in seconds).

  • Assign Labels and Target your Audience

  • WordPress Version is Available/Optional

  • 65 Different Languages Available

6. Comment Reply Trigger

Making a comment on your FB page posts does NOT make them a subscriber, but it DOES open a one way conversation. For example: Someone comments on your page post, they get a message to their inbox (using a comment trigger) that says “Thanks for your comment, now type ‘contest’ to enter.” The user then type’s “contest.” Boom… now they are a subscriber to your bot. :)

  • Convert users who comment on a post into Messenger Bot Subscribers
  • Auto Like when a user comments.
  • Auto Reply Privately by sending them a message (this puts them on subscriber list).
  • Supports Spin Syntax, and Personalizations

7. JSON Messenger Ads

This is hands down, the BEST WAY to get people into Messenger with you or your brand. I say that because it only relies on you spending money. There isn’t some assumption of “existing traffic”. All of the other methods I’ve mentioned so far are great IF you have some way of getting traffic to these points already.

  • JSON Code to Add to FB Ads Platform

  • Convert users who click on your Facebook Ad into Messenger bot subcribers

  • Builds Personalization in your Ad Marketing

  • Create Quick Reply’s for Start of Conversation

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