Project Description

Facebook Live Video



Chat Robot’s Facebook Live Video Module is a video streaming tool which allows you to go live on Facebook (Page/Group/Time line) with Pre-recorded video and share across all of your Facebook pages with the click of one button. You can go live immediately or schedule live video for future.

Also this application has option to create a Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting.

Enjoy our scheduler. Set a campaign and forget. You don’t even have to have your computer turned on when your scheduled event goes live.

Benefits of Live Video

It’s a fact that live video has a lot of benefits to your marketing efforts, and here we will just list a few…

  • Viewers spend 10x more time with live video
  • Users comment 10x more with live video
  • A notification is sent by Facebook to page fans
  • Live video typically is placed at top of news feed.
  • Live videos gets a lot more views than normal uploaded videos.

Powerful Features

Our Facebook Live Video module has all the features you want in your ability to get your message out…including:

  • Video Live Streaming (Pre-Recorded)

  • Share your Live Video across all your Pages, Groups, and Timeline

  • Schedule Live Streaming Campaign

  • Clone the Campaign to duplicate settings (very convenient)

  • Auto Like the Video from your Pages

  • Auto Comment below your Posting. :)

  • Edit your Campaign :)

  • Create a Live Event before you go Live

  • Use Embed Code to Place on Websites to Invite

  • Reporting and Stats dashboard

  • Error Log to identify if you configure wrong. :)

  • Preview window so you can see your work before you post to Facebook.

Live & Scheduled Events

Users love our platform because of all the great options, like scheduling a live event before it actually goes live.

  • Builds excitement around an event
  • Great for product launches, reviews, more..
  • A notification reminder is sent by Facebook. :)

Results You Can Depend On