Project Description

Target Marketing on Steriods


Labels: How It Works

Facebook Messenger Label’s are the perfect way to segment your list.

This is how it work. Create as many labels for each Facebook Page as you want. Create a customized Lead Magnet to place on your website, or share a link, etc…  Assign a Label to that Lead Magnet that you created. Now, when somone subscribes to your Bot through that lead magnet, your new subscriber will automatically be assigned to that custom label.

Boom! When you want to send out a targeted broadcast, you select that page, your custom label, and click ‘Send.’ It’s that easy. :)

Step 1: Create Labels

Step 3: Leads Activate Bot

Step 2: Create Lead Magnet

Step 4: Send Broadcasts

Open Rate Reporting For Subscriber Broadcaster

Segmenting Your List Will Greatly Increase Your Open Rate Up To 90%

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